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Mr. Donald L. Casimere

The 2017 Leadership Awards Luncheon Keynote Speaker, the MR. DONLAD L. CASIMERE, the founder of the National Assoication for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement.   


Mr. Donald L. Casimere

Mr. Donald L. Casimere has over 25 years of civilian oversight experince, hailing from Berkeley, California. In 1982 the Office of Citizen Complaints in San Francisco, California was established. Mr. Casimere was one of the original staff members charged with addressing citizen complaints against law enforcement. He was hired as a Senior Investigator, with supervisory responsibility for a staff of eight journey-level investigators. The San Francisco Police Department consisted of nearly 2,000 police officers, and Mr. Casimere was assigned with the repsonsility of leading investigations invovling police misconduct.


In November 1984, the City of Richmond, California created a Civilian Police Commission. The commission was granted authority to investigate citizens' complaints, to review police department policy, and to develop strategies to improve community relationships. Mr. Casimere was assigned as the  Investigative and Appeals Officer for the newly created commission, in which he served for 12 years.


Mr. Casimere is the past president and founding member of the International Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement, which was established in 1984. IACOLE has convened annual conferences to further the cause of civilian oversight around the world. Mr. Casimere served as president and conference chairman.


In addition, Mr. Casimere is a founding member of the National Assoication for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement, which was created in September 1994. The organization was established to advance civilian oversight in the United States. Casimere has served as moderator for panel discussions related to relationships between police unions and civilian oversight.


Donald Casimere holds a Master of Public Administration, Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication, and Associate of Arts in Police Science. He has served as a Sergeant for the Berkeley Police Department for 12 years. Mr. Casimere has testified before the U.S. Civil Rights Commission and has spoken nationally and internationally on civilan oversight of law enforcement. Shortly after the fall of the former Soviet Union, Mr. Casimere chaired an international panel which discussed " Internal and External Controls of Police" in St. Petersburg, Russia.


Currnently, Mr. Casimere is employed as the Confidential Investigative and Appeals Officer for the City of Richmond, California.

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